Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sunny day view


The weather has been pretty great the last few days - still smokey/polluted, but sunny and hot in the day and less hot at night! The thing that makes it bearable is that the humidity is much lower.
This is a view over Chuim Village and Khar Danda fishing village. Looks so nice - well perhaps besides the slums!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem is not slums. Slums will exist forever. Where is lower income people going to stay? The issue is different. Politicians and Public Admin offices are not interested in making zones such a way that even slums are developed properly. Each residential area/zone shoudl have basic necessities like water, electricity and sanitation!! If they are developed in a proper way, I am sure no one will ahve issue of slums (prefer to call low income houses) can be solved.

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