Thursday, May 03, 2007

Homeopathic Medicine


In India I was introduced to homeopathic medicine which is based on the "Principle of Similars". Its non toxic, uses no chemicals, etc. I have found that it works wonders with no side effects, which is an added bonus. This is a photo of my medicines being created right in front of my eyes! The bag with the little "balls" are sugar pills that "sucks" up the liquid substances created specifically for your ailment. For my "prescription" I take 10 of these 3 times a day and let them dissolve under my tongue. There are also crushed 'balls' that you have to put under your tongue once a week and lastly a foul tasting liquid that I have to take in 22 drops twice a day!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quite clearly you've been to Shirin Wadia.

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