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Considering Mumbai is hot year round, you would think that there would be more convertible cars. But really there are not many at all. Most people prefer to be in the car with the windows rolled up and the AC on high. Although I have seen a few more convertibles lately - this one and of course Shah Rukh Khan's wife's white BMW convertible!
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Blogger Crankyputz said...

well you would also think it would be ok to wear shorts and a tank top...but...its Mumbai.

How dare he get married!

9:14 PM  
Blogger ankurindia said...

atleast most peoples in mumbai have cars . not true about rest india

2:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

crankyputz, donno if you're being sarcastic, but it's not an uncommon attire. Depends on where you are though. I'd expect it to be a bit more conservative as you move away from South Bombay.

As for ragtops ... here's one reason why it'd be a bad idea in a city like Bombay - pollution. Those who've been in a rickshaw there only need wipe their faces after to see what I mean. Someone needs to do somethng about those "lorries".

5:26 AM  
Blogger slaint said...

i would agree with crankyputz, it is not that common to see people in shorts or tanktops. you might see a few unknowning foreigners in colaba wearing their "summer" attire, but i think only once or twice have I see local Indians (upper class of course) wearing shorts in public.

and a comment to ankurindia --- is it a good thing that "most people" in Mumbai have cars?! i think not - see Saturday's post of jampacked.. and this is only going to become worse as more people are able to buy cars! The roads here were not built to carry thousands and eventually millions of cars a day

7:48 AM  
Blogger Alan said...

Seems to me, one would want a top on the car to avoid being fried by the sun. Same reason to avoid shorts and tanks.

3:16 AM  

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