Saturday, April 14, 2007

speedway=6 months


Speedway garage doesn't look like it gets much business these days! Speaking of speeding, a few months ago a 21 year old was speeding along Carter Road at 3 in the morning when he crashed into a community of pavement dwellers, killing 7. Yesterday he was sentenced to 6 months in jail.... The paper says his sentence is due to the fact that the police botched the investigation -- either way I don't think justice was served. He's a rich college going boy and those 7 were "just" poor people living on the streets.
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Blogger Stacie said...

Very sad that verdict. India has so long to go and this is evidence of it. The kid was griping to the paper that this trial was disrupting his studies.

Really, and the 7 people you killed, their what will they study.

'Botched the trial' I read the judge said? ha! thru the trial is more like it. The police did not collect urine or breath analysis evidence to bring to court and show he was drinking and driving?

I see breedings of a bit of underworld/organized crime with this rich kid. There is a problem of drinking and driving in this city. I have seen several (been with a few) young indians new with a car and the free feeling of driving empty streets fueled by alcohol, ingredients for disaster.

Now this outcome will not detour any young person from driving drunk. I am a bit surprised and ticked off if you can't tell!

1:26 PM  
Blogger Amit Wadkar said...

wouldnt be surprised if the cops themselves were driving drunk when they caught the guy !!!! (i hav seen this happen around Mumbai)

india really needs to come out of the "chalta hain" (typical indian laidback, careless) attitude.....

9:15 AM  
Anonymous d said...

This makes me so angry. There's no justice for the poor in India. This incident, the Nithari killings, the Khairlangi goes on and on…and we’re not even talking about all the other incidents that go unreported, covered up. The institutionalized corruption and violence is the bane of Indian Society.

7:42 PM  

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