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I have always been intrigued by little things, such as seeing Indian men with a long peice of hair in the back of their head. And now this young boy. I *think* it means that they are Brahmin (the highest?? caste). Do correct me if I am wrong as I have asked many people and get differing responses each time! Also I have heard that it is more common in the North... is it caste? region? religion? Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Anonymous said...

caste, mostly. lot of them from uttar pradesh, typically called "bhayya's". in fact, i dont know any other people who do it. you'll find a lot of those working the dairy industry have them.

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Anonymous Lessie said...


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Anonymous Vi said...

Perhaps it's the haircut from a blind barber? :D

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Blogger slaint said...

thanks. yeah I also heard bhayya's, but thought they were just saying "bhai" as in brother!
i have seen watchmen with this, taxi drivers construction workers and now young kids!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

also, iirc, that l'il hairy appendage is called a "shendi" [shayn-di]. i also think some maharashtrian's do it, but maybe for a religious reason.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The top of the head is the spot where the human skull is believed to be the most delicate, hence Indian men (at least the traditional ones) who shave their heads always leave hair on in that part.They could shave their heads for many resons, a threading ceremony, a death in the family, a religious reason, a symbol of their caste, etc.

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Blogger Carla Dallas said...

Is the term for brother therefore the origin of the name of the Bahai faith? Answers just bring more questions! Enjoy your blog! Check it regularly!

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Blogger slaint said...

hi Carla Dallas - Bahai is actually a persian religion. although India does have a beautiful Bahai temple in New Delhi. The term comes from the Arabic word Bahá’, meaning "glory" or "splendor". - says wikipedia!

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