Wednesday, January 03, 2007

prayer time

I am not sure if this happens every day at Bandra station or just occasionally, but this is probably the 4th time I have run into this as I'm coming out of the station. And shockingly it is never on a Friday when I would expect it! To me it always looks like they are praying to the billboards - but I guess this is just another image of modernization! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello dear friend,

My name is Shabbir you can ctct me at You have been a source of inspiration to me thru MDP and I have placed your MDP as my active Desktop. Born and brought up in Bandra I REALLY enjoy the depth of each and every photos posted by you on MDP/slaint since you hve arrived Mumbai. I seem to walk thru yr daily life thru MDP n articles right from Zena’s mishap to change of yr flicking housemaid-Lata(I presume).

Just as a friend who’s been walking all along with you it hurts me inside to see that due to some bad experiences in past you have developed a bit of resist feeling against a sect(which is natural/human). My intention here is not to see more of Eid snaps/etc but to develop an ease in hearts caused by time and these religious expremists/fanatics.

Every religion, every country, infact every home gets their share of extremists which are just intolerable and incurable but generalizing a statement on acct of exception is also unjust. Although I am not so religious but living here in KSA I feel Christians here are under the same umbrella(sons of Abraham) as the muslims.

A gentle request to you…pls pls pls do not judge religion by the people but its scriptures. Due to yr foreign appearance you may face some heat from the illiterates drinking tea on Carter road or when you arrive at Bandra on a Friday/eid h’ever keeping aside differences of recent centuary and modernization, we still share the same prophets from Adam(peace be upon him) to Jesus(p.b.u.h.) and no muslim is a muslim till he fully believes in Jesus and Bible and the almighty (Supreme Power/God/Allah)

I will be very glad if you take above msg as a request from your dear friend as my intention is not to hurt you or yr perspective to life in any way. I still have and will always have MDP on my Active desktop as always. Sorry if I misunderstood you or must’ve misinterpreted and hurt you in any way.
If you can take a few minutes pls save a click fr…,0,0,1,0,0

Regards to folo and love to Ashley/Tyler.

From yr close friend…Shabbir

1:00 PM  
Blogger slaint said...

Hello Shabbir.
I do not even know what you are talking about honestly! I do not judge any religion, nor do i subscribe to any. I do not know what you are talking about when you say I have "resist feeling against a sect". I have happened to put up two muslim photos this week only because they were there, right in my daily life! I have no hard feelings against any person of a religion, just because of their religion. And yes I feel bad for the poor goats, but only because I am an animal lover (see today's post!) and I respect each culture enough to not judge them on their traditions. (if this is what you are speaking of.) If that is not what you are speaking of, then I really don't know where this post is coming from! Sorry.

I am glad that you enjoy seeing MDP and check back regularly.

1:16 PM  

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