Thursday, November 30, 2006

world AIDS day - part deux

making ribbons for world aids day event on friday.

With the largest number of people in the world living with HIV, India has to work at building awareness,the de stigmatisation of those infected with the disease and myth busting concerning transmission and prevention. India in general is a conservative society and discussion on sexuality, behaviors and related diseases are not easily talked about. Similar to other countries that have experienced HIV epidemics, such as those in Africa.


Blogger Barbara said...

Did you know that:

Ø Two-thirds of people living with HIV are in sub-Saharan Africa. There are now more women than men infected by HIV.

Ø There is a chronic shortage of doctors and nurses, poor infrastructure and insufficient medical equipment are crippling already weak health services in poor countries

Ø Some 39.6 million men, women and children now live with HIV, 14,000 people
are newly infected every day, and 2.9 million people died this year from
AIDS-related illnesses

Oxfam has done some great work for World AIDs Day….check out Annie Lennox video and some key actions that can be taken to help improve health services in developing countries!

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