Monday, November 27, 2006

Singhara (water chestnut)

I have always wondered what these black/oyster looking things were that are often sold on the side of the roads. I finally got it out of my maid - they are water chestnuts. Apparently they are quite good, but I'm still a littled worried about having it cooked for me! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Ananya said...

Those are just delicious! I have never heard of people cooking and eating them, but they are supposed to be just washed thoroughly after u buy them (like everything else in india!) and then u have to peel off the skin and just eat it..the more reddish green the skin is, the sweeter the water chestnuts are, you should try them whenever u see them next, but don't forget to wash em first!! :)

4:53 AM  

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