Saturday, August 19, 2006

from Anand Gujarat

So I am cheating a bit today - this photo isn't from Mumbai, its from the state north of us, Gujarat. I was there for the last few days for work. The small town of Anand is known the world over for the Amul Dairy Co-op, known abroad for their business model, known in India for their products - Amul cheese, butter, milk etc. Amul puts up new billboards all over the country every 2 weeks, changing the themes to match whatever the current hype is. This is just a sampling of the different billboards seen recently. Many are from popular movies (Frrsh is a play on the film Krrish, there is one for the world cup, head butting fiasco, etc.)The last few are in regards to the recent news that coke and pepsi products have high levels of pesticides in their products here. Posted by Picasa


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