Thursday, August 17, 2006


Bikes are great, and a major transportation method here in Mumbai especially with delivery guys. I say guys because very rarely have I seen a gal on a bike. I miss riding my bike, I don't think I would feel very safe riding my bike on roads here, too much going on and not enough protection.


Blogger Kate said...

The long expanse of wall with the bike at the end is quite striking. Care to tell us about "too much going on?" Stay safe!

6:15 AM  
Blogger dissenter said...

yeah, in the pic it looks like a quiet place. The roads of mumbai, double as a sidewalk, then the driving (I recently obtained a driver's license, so I am now intimately aware of the lack of order forced on drivers) is a free for all, people do not stay in lanes (nor are there lanes), use signals, etc.

Then the animals, or people pushing carts used for carrying or selling food, clothes or knick knacks. I feel safer in a car, I would be scared to be knocked down on a bike without the coat of metal armour. At least on most mumbai roads, rural india or even smaller towns I would dare it.

8:47 AM  
Blogger Meg Nakagawa said...

I love the soft tones of this photo. I love to reaad your descriptions.

1:22 PM  

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