Sunday, May 14, 2006

laundry day

Before I left I was at my homeopathic doctor getting all my meds and this lady was washing clothes right out front of the building and almost in the street. the only water was this tiny puddle here. you would think that water wouldn't be so scarce in a huge city, but for pavement dwellers its difficult to come by any water. Posted by Picasa


Blogger Marie McC said...

This is a very beautiful photo. Knowing the story behind it makes it a little sad as well.

2:58 AM  
Blogger Felicia said...

I agree with Marie mcc. This photo reminds me to not take what I have so easily for granted. I remember going into the grocery store or Costco here in the US after being in Mexico for a month and thinking how mindboggling/wasteful/consumeristic all that stuff is!

11:01 AM  
Blogger Lisi said...

same here, this is a beautiful and yet sad post.

3:09 PM  

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