Wednesday, May 10, 2006

jack of all trades

This man really should not be using a jackhammer in flip flops! (i saw a man later today with a huge bandage on his foot, also using a jackhammer). This is part of Mumbai's plan to have all the roads in decent shape before the monsoon season begins. I am about to leave town for 6 weeks, and will return during the height of monsoon, so we'll see then if the roads are finished!

(Note: I am leaving town, but will continue to update photos from my archives - so they might not always be the best, but it will continue to give you a feel for this city. Also, please forgive me if there are days here and there that aren't updated - I may not always have access to internet, especially on travel days!) Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Karine said...

Have fun on your coming travels. Love your pictures of Mumbai, always waiting to see some more. Don't forget to post while you're away (if u can of course :)

11:05 PM  

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