Thursday, May 25, 2006

who needs wal mart?

OK maybe if your country/city has not yet been invaded by wal marts you will not get this entirely. [It is an 'all in 1' type of store.] Driving by I spotted this 'all in 1' store on wheels!

I have seen knife sharpners, guys who ride around on their bikes and will sharpen knives you bring out to him. The 'all in 1' store today is selling tape cassettes, will fix your pressure cooker, gas stove, clean bottles?, put new grips on your bike and of course sharpen your knife. He was kind enough to jump up from his work and pose for the camera - I think he had been asked before, he appeared very comfortable in front of the camera.

Can you spot any other jobs he could tackle with this setup?


Blogger Kris said...

car washing?
i think it's a convenient option

12:31 PM  

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