Tuesday, January 29, 2008

orthodox jain

I've been trying for a long time to get a photo of the Jain's on their way to/from temple. This one isn't the best, but the best i've managed of them so far! I'm so intrigued by the orthodox (is that what you'd call them?) Jains. They do not wear shoes, have their mouth covered and often carry a broom to clean the road in front of them. They do not believe in killing even the smallest of animals and keep their mouth covered so they don't accidentally inhale any small bugs, clean before they step so they don't smash an insect, etc.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there,
Orthodoxy is more in the execution of the religion's teachings, than the religion itself.
When people believe blindly in something, they become oppressive and orthodox.
To answer your question, there are 2 sects in Jainism - Digambars and Shwetambars.
This picture is of a Shwetambar Maharaj.

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