Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring has come and gone..


It is getting close to summer here in India. We don't follow the western months of June-Aug as summer, rather April and May are considered summer months. It gets terribly hot and humid and of course its also when all the children are out of school for their break.

We don't really have a spring as such, but the few weeks/month between winter and the hot/muggy time I call spring! And with its passing, we also often say goodbye to many fellow expats who's contracts are ending. Today we say goodbye to Robbie (fellow MDP contributor) and another long termer Mickey who left yesterday. Come and visit us again!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take care, Robbie! It was great to meet you & have a chat outside Oxford Bookstore last month. Was hoping to run into you again so I could chat with you about the Rickshaw Run...a friend (the Aussie girl I was with when I met you) and I are planning to go this year. Perhaps I'll see you on the back roads somewhere in India. Keep well and have fun. Lori

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