Saturday, March 03, 2007

Small Holi


Today is the beginning of one of my favorite Indian celebrations. I had way too many photos to choose from, but I had to settle on one showing the bonfire!

The day before the full moon day of Holi is called Small Holi. Families (or neighborhoods) light up bonfires and sing and dance around it. The evil spirit, symbolized by dead leaves, twigs and dirt, that collects during the winter months, is thrown up in the fire. Prior to the full flames of the fire, the families walk around the bonfire conducting puja's, giving offerings, sprinkling water and handing out sweets. Tomorrow everyone will get up early and throw powder/paint and drink bhang! Stay tuned.. Posted by Picasa


Blogger Dsole said...

oh, this sounds interesting!

10:24 PM  
Blogger Pat said...

Sounds very interesting indeed!

Good photo!

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1:08 AM  
Anonymous SM Trivedi said...

To add my 2 pennies...
Holi is marked as end of winter. During witner all the dry leaves, dead wood that is collected that have been lying on the ground during winter months. Also kids go and collect old wooden items from surronding houses. All that is then put in a wide knee-deep hole.

This is all then burned. It helps in 2 ways, at end of winter, many people may not have much logs left at home, they will share this common bonefire. Also all the dry leaves, twigs will be collected and area will be cleaned.

It is like spring cleaning in any western country.

8:37 PM  

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