Thursday, June 08, 2006

goat family

Your weekly animal photo from India! These baby goats were so adorable hopping off all four legs playing with one another on this broken down couch. This was taken just off the side of the road, a back road. The road has several housing societies (large 10 plus story buildings) then the owners of these goats (mutton) live in small wood and plastic shanties on the same road. Posted by Picasa


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Blogger Sam said...

What beautifil pictures - Mumbai is a gorgeous place!!
(and the crap sign made me laugh aloud - too funny!!)

12:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love goats, which is fortunate because we have hundreds of them around here. I realize their meat is referred to as mutton in India, but we don't call the meat from goats mutton, we just call it goat meat.

Mutton, to me, is an older sheep, where a young sheep is, of course, lamb. Someone from Scotland, where sheep mutton is more common can probably tell you, but I think there is an official age when lambs grow up to be mutton.

And yes, goat meat is popular here in the Canary Islands, but if I see too many cute kids, I can't eat it!

1:54 PM  
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