Tuesday, December 19, 2006

santa and his reindeer

Another 5 star's Christmas decorations. This one is at the Oberoi. I thought it was hilarous that they went the full 9 yards with snow and everything. This is not what Mumbaikers think of Christmas I'm sure - as it is not a reality for them. I think it would have been better to have a beach scene or maybe santa with a shawl! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I disagree. I have spent my entire life in Mumbai and that's exactly how the Mumbaikars think of Christmas. Snow, Santa, Sleigh and the reindeers..!!!

I know. Its a whole different feeling of Christmas in Mumbai. I guess its because of the Goans in Mumbai. Things during this time of the year are very sweet, cool and very ummmm..."take it easy" kind of attitude. I love the weather during this time. Christians make typical Diwali kind of sweets and they distribute those to the neighbors, have wine, fenny and Wish all of us a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year..!!!



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

And one more thing Ms. Slaint. I strongly recommend you visit Chandanwadi, Dhobi Talao (the Metro Cinema area) and visit all the bylanes heavily populated by Goan Catholics.
(You take the Western line and alight at the Marine Line station and walk for a minute to the East of the station.)

The decorations, the huge, enormous "Star", the depiction of the Birth of Jesus through clay idols along with all grass, clay cattle and everything...Its great !!

You'll exactly know what I am talking about.


2:32 AM  
Blogger slaint said...

Yeah i have been down there. Not this year, but that is exactly what i mean - Christians here don't see Christmas as a holiday with make believe santa's and reindeer who deliver presents like a lot of westerns do - they actually see it for the religious holiday that it was originally supposed to be!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, have you? Wow! Thats amazing..!!

I am like, addicted to your "Mumbai Daily Photo". I can forget browsing TimesOfIndia, Mid-day, rediff on the web...But I cannot forget to visit yoour site of Mumbai daily photo.

I live in the States since last alomst 10 years now, but I have "Mumbai in me" kind of. I am so proud and happy of you.

Keep up the good-work.

And heyyyy...Wish ALL of you and your family, colleagues and friends a very, very Merry Happy Christmas and Happy New Year 2007!!!

God Bless,

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