Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Visarjan and then some...

I'm sure you're all officially sick of Ganesh Chaturthi. Well you're in luck then because tonight is the final night...the virsarjan, when the big ganpatis are taken out to sea in elaborate processionals and immersed in the water. Some of you have asked what happens to the Ganesh idols once they're immersed. Well, they're just left out there to dissolve and decompose. It's actually an environmental nightmare, to tell you the truth, though the situation is beginning to change. The paints and dyes on the idols are actually pretty toxic and damaging to the seas and lakes, prompting the Chennai High Court to even pass a temporary ban on immersions. But "eco-friendly" idols are catching on, although I'm not really sure who's certifying them or what the standards are.

But tonight, we don't take on such heady matters, we just enjoy the party. I had so many nice shots of tonight's revelry, but the colors in this one will make you want to dance in your computer chairs!


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